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Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to wear?

Dress your little one in cool, comfortable & movable clothing. No specific dance wear required. Shoes optional!

How many students are in each class?

Each week may differ but we cap our numbers at 12 children per class to suit the space.

Do I stay or do I leave my child with you?

We want you to stay! After all, the music is mostly for the adults!
Supervision is required & each child requires a responsible adult to accompany them. 

What do I need to bring?

Not much! Bring your nappy bag and a water bottle for your child.

Can I bring my pram?

At Kick Dance studio (Monday classes), prams are welcome as we are on the ground level.

At Dance Fiit (Tuesday classes) please leave your pram at home or in the car, as the studio is located upstairs on level 1.
There is no lift access, only stairs.
Prams can be left downstairs at your own risk.

At Morningside SS, prams are welcome, however please take the ramp to the classroom and check out our venue directions on our instagram page.

Are there facilities in the studio?

There is a bathroom upstairs attached to the studio. There is also a small space for your belongings.

Can I bring an older/younger sibling to the class?

You sure can! We understand the logistics of parenting, so we want to make your life easier. While there are specific age classes as indicated, there are also mixed aged class. If these times do not suit you, we are very flexible and will welcome your children to any class. Just inform us when making your booking! Don't forget to use the discount code SIBLING to receive 20% off the additional child/children.

Can you tell me about the space?

Our Monday classes are in the fabulous Kick Dance Studios! The studio is on the ground floor, making it pram & wheelchair accessible. The space is airconditioned, with sprung floors & vinyl covering. There are bathrooms & a storage area for your belongings.

On Tuesday's we are very fortunate to have the use of an airconditioned dance studio, thanks to the lovely ladies at Dance Fiit! There are mirrors and timber flooring, a bathroom and a small change area/storage area. See a photo of the studio below!

How long does your class go for?

Each class goes for 30 minutes. Doors will open 5 minutes before class. There are a number of cafe's and restaurants underneath the studio for before or after class if you want to make a fun morning out of it!

Do you only run classes during the term? 

Yes. Our classes run for 9 weeks and follow the school terms.

Will each class be different?

Yes! As a teacher, I offer structured lessons and loose themes to base the class on each week. This allows the children to explore many different styles of music and dance over the weeks. Each week will follow a similar structure so children will be familiar with the routine of the class. 

Can I request a song? 

Absolutely! Requests are welcome from children and their adult. Add your favourite song on the booking form, at the time of payment.

Do you offer classes on other days?

Classes are on Monday, Tuesday & Saturday mornings. We would love to run more classes during the week, so If you have a preferred day or time, please submit your request here:

I am a parent of multiple children in the same age group. Do you offer a discount?

What actually happens in the class?

Think FITNESS meets DISCO! During the class, children will stretch & warm up, play dance games, learn simple choreography & dance for fun. There will be party lights, loud music and there will be props and equipment used. This is not your typical dance class!

Yes yes yes! Lil Party Rockers is a vibe. We want the children to feel like they are at a party so the music will be playing loud and there will be party lights shining around the room. It will be a real sensory experience. 

I have a baby, can I bring her/him with my older child?

Absolutely! Children under 1 are free. Please be mindful that there will be children active in the space so maybe pop the baby in a carrier for the lesson. 

Lil Party Rockers Logo with shades of green rainbow as the main feature

Will there be loud music & party lights?

Absolutely. Sibling discount is available for parents with children in the same class. EG: a 3 year old and 5 year old both attending the Preschool Disco.

Any additional children will be charged for the class at a 20% discounted rate. just purchase 2 or more casual classes, a 5 pack or a 10 pack and enter the code SIBLING at the time of booking. 

Are there seats or a viewing area?

There isn't a specific viewing area as the studio consists mostly of the dance space, but there will be some seats to the side of the room for parents & even grandparents or other family members who choose to join the party

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